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Hum…I find this comic in my folder. In fact, I almost forget it’s there. This comic is about Superior Spider Man and Spideypool.(I think)
I think should finish it sometime.<3

Damn reports.

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"I draw this for my 20th birthday.

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”No more Peter Parker, no more twists,I’m tired of twists!”

Peter won’t be coming back, really ?
Please don’t tell me it’s ture…please…Q_Q

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Hope you think this is a lovely Kiss: D

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Hey hello,i follow you from plurk. god your works were so amazing!!!! I ship spideypool too. but i wanna know that do u have a weibo account?because im from china... ANYWAY, ur amazing, please keep drawing them, can't tell how much i love u!
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Hey,thank you for the compliment! Hmm, I have a weibo account, but I have never used it…sorry.

My art always put on  tumblr and plurk, DA art less~www

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I want to be in the rain.